Better, more accountable meetings

Make your meetings more productive, more accountable and more enjoyable with the first and only recurring meeting management software created with only one goal – better meetings.


Your agenda – planned, ad hoc or even on the fly.

Whether your meeting is formal in nature and has a set agenda, whether you add ad-hoc items as you remember them, or if you run your meetings on the fly.

MinuteMe will ensure everyone is prepared.


Agenda, minutes, action items and documents

Run your meetings with a smooth efficiency. What is to be discussed, what documents are to be reviewed, what action items need to be followed up on.

MinuteMe manages your meeting as it happens, with everyone on the same page.


Minute what was discussed, what was agreed and what needs to be done.

Take notes and document what was discussed and what was agreed. Work together or independently and watch the decisions appear.

Want to take your own notes for your eyes only? Private notes keep your thoughts close just for you to remember.


All your action items managed, in the one place.

Every successful meeting finishes with things to get done. Managing these todo’s, tasks, or action items is now easy with MinuteMe.

Inline in your minutes or add them one by one. Set due dates and assign someone to complete it. Always know what needs to be done and what has been done, for every recurring meeting.


Ensure you start your next meeting on the right foot.

Follow ups are very important. MinuteMe automatically emails all attendees a copy of the minutes, following completion of the meeting.

MinuteMe also reminds you of the action items you need to complete, so you can stay on top of what needs to be done.

Start every meeting with a quick Action Item review – what has not been completed – and what has been completed. Kick off the meeting with everyone on the same page.


Full text search every meeting you have had. Minutes, action items, documents, decisions. All searchable, at your fingertips.


KPIs, goals… MinuteMe gives you easy access to whatever you need to have on hand for your agenda items.

Recurring agenda

Don’t miss a beat – create an agenda that nails what you want out of your meetings.

Meeting prep reminders

Wake up to an email they day of your meeting, with an agenda and any documents attached preparing you for your meetings.

MinuteMe is available right now for you to manage your meetings better, for free.

If you’re interested in using MinuteMe for your recurring meeting management, click the Login button above. If your email account is hosted with Microsoft or Google, use the button for your provider to sign up. Otherwise, follow the link to create a login account just for access to MinuteMe.

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