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The first and only purpose-built recurring meeting management software created with only one goal – better meetings.
Use this to organise your meetings and action items rather than mucking around with document files.
Toby N
IT Consultant
MinuteMe is a great tool to organize your meeting minutes, from 1 on 1’s to large team meetings, in one easy-to-access location.
Sara H
Vice President
The best thing I love about it, is I can add notes, questions, agenda, whatever to my upcoming meetings so I don’t forget to raise them.
Milena B
Precedent Automator
Topic and rich text editor components

Your Agenda – planned, ad hoc or even on the fly

Whether you run your meeting with a formal agenda, add ad-hoc items as you remember them, or run your meetings on the fly – MinuteMe will help you be ready for every meeting.

Each day your “Daily Digest” email will let you know what meetings are on and any Action Items you need to complete. You can also review upcoming meetings in your MinuteMe Calendar Dashboard.


Ensure you start the meeting on the right foot

Start all meetings with everyone on the same page with an Action Item Review.

Review Action Items that are still open from previous meetings, closed since the last meeting and linked from other meetings.

MinuteMe action item row components
MinuteMe rich text editor and private notes components

Minute what was discussed, agreed and what needs to be done

Take notes documenting what was discussed and agreed. Collaborate or add notes independently and watch the decisions appear on your screen in real-time.

Capture Action Items in line with your minutes or add them one by one at any time. Set due dates and assign the Action Item to someone to complete.

Use Private Notes for those thoughts you want to keep for your eyes only!


Review meeting Minutes and Action Items

Once finalized, distribute the meeting minutes via email directly from within MinuteMe. Each attendee receives an email with the Minutes, Documents and Action Items.

Don’t want to send sensitive Minutes via email? Send the attendees a link to MinuteMe and have them log in to MinuteMe to access the Minutes.

MinuteMe Send Agenda and Send minutes modal components
MinuteMe action item components

All your Action Items are managed in one place

Managing Action Items is easy with MinuteMe enabling you to stay on top of meetings and be ready for the next one. Review your open Action Items across all your meetings in the one place.

If you use Microsoft To Do or Google Tasks, you can push your assigned Action Items to these platforms to work with your to do list.