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The first and only purpose-built recurring meeting management software created with only one goal – better meetings.
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Take the hassle out of meetings

Searching through emails, shared folders, and make-do systems - no more. In MinuteMe your ‘like’ meetings are conveniently grouped so all information - agendas, notes, minutes, action items and documents – are available in one easy-to-access location.

Keeping related meetings together
An hourglass
A target

Talkfests no more - clear purpose, clear outcome

Set your team or group meeting up for success with clearly defined discussion topics that have appropriate owners assigned, timeframes, and related documents for pre-read. Automatically apply topics to future meetings to save you time and embed routine for efficiency and consistency.

No more guess work, keep actions updated and play your part

Everyone can be a star – with reminders of open actions, and a guided pathway to update progress on the spot. Be on the front foot with a personal dashboard to view your action priorities giving you time to focus on being ‘present’ in meetings.

MinuteMe rich text editor and private notes components
MinuteMe Send Agenda and Send minutes modal components

Collaboration made easy, driving successful outcomes

Whether collaborating face to face or in a hybrid setting - everyone can access their meetings from one location. Hook up to a video conference platform, take the meeting roll call, review actions, discuss topics, add notes and actions, and keep your discussion flowing to achieve successful outcomes.

Get the ball rolling - Link up your calendar events

MinuteMe works alongside your existing calendar. Automatically applying your Microsoft 365 Outlook or Google Calendar scheduled event details allows you to be ‘meeting ready’ in seconds. Don’t worry if you have an alternate calendar platform – we’ve got that covered too!

MinuteMe action item components

Powering your meeting life cycle

MinuteMe is a powerful tool that helps you manage your meetings better.

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