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The first and only purpose-built recurring meeting management software created with only one goal – better meetings.

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“I’ve plugged MinuteMe to all my admin friends working in similar jobs. It really is an excellent resource.”

Kim F.

Executive Assistant to the Principal, Bible College SA

“Give it a try you will not get disappointed”


Data solution Architect of boart longyear

“It’s fantastic and you should give it a go”


Marketing, Communications and project officer of ICC

“LOVE IT! It’s an easy-to-use and simple app that makes my life much easier.
I have a lot of meetings so recording everything can be challenging”


General Manager of Smokeball

“What the hell are you waiting for!? It will change your life”


CEO of smokeball


Your agenda – planned, ad hoc or even on the fly.

Whether your meeting is formal in nature and has a set agenda, whether you add ad-hoc items as you remember them, or if you run your meetings on the fly – MinuteMe will help you be prepared for every meeting.
On the day of a meeting, open your “be prepared” email so you know what will be discussed, and what action items you need to complete!


Ensure you start the meeting on the right foot

Start every meeting with a review of the action items still open from previous meetings, those closed since the last meeting, and those linked from other meetings. Kick off the meeting with everyone on the same page.


Minute what was discussed, what was agreed and what needs to be done.

Take notes and document what was discussed and agreed. Work together or independently and watch the decisions appear in real-time.
Capture action items in-line with your minutes or add them one-by-one. Set due dates and assign someone to complete it. Always know what needs to be done and what has been done, for every recurring meeting.
Want to take your own notes for your eyes only? Private notes keep your thoughts close just for you to remember.


Review meeting minutes and action items

Send a copy of meeting minutes via email directly from within MinuteMe without having to maintain a separate email list. Each attendee receives an email with the minutes, documents and action items.
Don’t want to send sensitive minutes via email? Send the attendees a link to MinuteMe and have them log in to MinuteMe to view the minutes.



All your action items managed, in the one place.

Staying on top of meetings means you’re prepared for the next meeting. Review all your open action items across all your meetings so you know what needs to be done. Managing these todo’s, tasks, or action items is now easy with MinuteMe.
If you use Office 365 Tasks, or Microsoft To-Do, or Google Tasks, you can push your assigned action items to these platforms to work with your current to-do list.

Powering your meeting lifecycle

MinuteMe is a powerful tool that helps you manage your meetings better.