Make your meetings more efficient
and make your life easier

Illustration of the MinuteMe application dashboard


Full text search every meeting you have had. Minutes, action items, documents, decisions. All searchable, at your fingertips.


KPIs, goals… MinuteMe gives you easy access to whatever you need to have on hand for your agenda items.

Recurring agenda

Don’t miss a beat – create an agenda that nails what you want out of your meetings.

Be prepared

Wake up to an email the day of your meeting, with an agenda and any documents attached preparing you for your meetings.

Easily access meeting history

See the full history of that meeting over time to track historical information from previous meetings.

Three MinuteMe sidebar components displaying meeting schedule
MinuteMe topic components displaying 3 meeting topics and an input to add a new topic

Quickly and easily manage your agendas

Add discussion topics to the next meeting’s agenda when issues arise between meetings, so you don’t forget you need to talk about them.

Once agenda topics are added, these become the basis of your meeting minutes so you don’t have to type them out again!

Save time organising recurring meetings

Add your regular discussion topics to your agenda template once, and they will automatically be added as the initial agenda for each meeting.

MinuteMe agenda template page
MinuteMe action item review displaying two incomplete and two complete action item rows

Follow-up previous actions

Start each meeting with a review of the action items from previous meetings. MinuteMe shows you action items still open from any previous meeting, as well as any action item closed since the last meeting. Now people can’t just close an action item without you knowing.

Attach supporting documents

Attach documents to be reviewed prior to the meeting so they can be sent with the agenda email. Attach documents discussed during the meeting so you know the exact version of the document discussed.

Attach a photograph of a whiteboard masterpiece created during a meeting, so it’s kept in full context with the meeting minutes.

MinuteMe documents section displaying 4 uploaded documents with a drag and drop input to upload a new document
An illustration with a red rectangle with the word LIVE in its centre with dashed lines radiating out to four user avatars

Collaborate with colleagues in real-time

The meeting minutes that you add to MinuteMe will instantly save and be visible to other people in the same meeting – we show you who is viewing the same meeting in MinuteMe at the same time as you.

Send Agenda/Minutes before, during or after the meeting

Let people know the meeting agenda prior to the meeting, and send the meeting minutes and action items to the attendees after the meeting – emails are sent directly from MinuteMe.

People who don’t attend the meeting can also be emailed a copy of the meeting minutes by adding their email address in to MinuteMe – set it up once and they’ll receive a copy each time you send the meeting minutes.

MinuteMe Send Agenda and Send minutes modal components
MinuteMe meeting detail view with the private notes overlay open

Keep your own record of the discussion

Private Notes are only visible by you – they allow you to make notes to keep your own record of the discussion, while still being searchable by you.

…and all this stored safely and securely

Add permissions for people to be able to read, update and administer an individual meeting, or to see all history of the recurring meeting since it began.

All your data is transmitted and stored in an encrypted form, so it is only viewable and searchable by the people you give access – it is not shared with anyone else.

MinuteMe is just the best platform for you to be able to share your meeting minutes with the people you choose, to help make their life and your life easier to manage meetings.

MinuteMe members and permissions component displaying five meeting members and there meeting permissions


Integrate and power up MinuteMe with other apps and tools you use