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MinuteMe Trust Center

The security of our infrastructure and user data is our major priority.
We manage and maintain security through our process, procedures, and policy, and it is ingrained in the way we operate.
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How MinuteMe keeps your data safe

Our team follows best practice to maintain and control security. MinuteMe has partnered with Amazon Web Services to ensure we have the system and physical aspects of security covered.

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Signing up with Microsoft or Google

Using Sign up/in with Microsoft or Google provides a simple and secure way to access MinuteMe. You provide the consent for MinuteMe to access the data we require to provide the best experience.

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Privacy at MinuteMe

At MinuteMe, protecting your personal information and right to privacy is paramount. This commitment is part of our values - security, integrity, and accountability.

Powering your meeting life cycle

MinuteMe is a powerful tool that helps you manage your meetings better.

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