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With the basic plan, you’re limited to five recurring meetings and unlimited single meetings

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With the plus plan, you’ll get unlimited recurring meetings and unlimited single meetings

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Per active member per month plus local applicable taxes

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Frequently asked questions

Our Fair billing policy means you only pay for members that are actively updating your workspace in MinuteMe. This means you don’t pay for members who log in to view minutes, but only those who add meetings, update minutes, complete (or uncomplete) action items and so on.

Charging occurs at the completion of a monthly billing period, based on the number of active members of your workspace during the preceding month. View the “What is an active member” FAQ for more information.

It most certainly is free, yes, and you get all the features available to those on the Plus plan.

Your workspace can have up to 5 active recurring meetings, unlimited one-offs, and unlimited archived meetings. To create a sixth recurring meeting, you’ll need to upgrade your plan to Plus, or archive one of your existing recurring meetings.

An active member, for the purpose of incurring a monthly usage fee, is a member of your workspace who actively contributes to the platform by updating content. Some examples of actions that will make a member active are:

  • Adding a new meeting
  • Adding a topic to a meeting
  • Updating the minutes content
  • Adding, updating, completing or uncompleting an action item
  • Uploading a document
  • Adding private notes
  • Adding comments

A member logging in and viewing minutes of past meetings, or being added to your workspace to receive minutes of meetings will not incur a monthly usage fee.

A workspace owner is able to see an up-to-date list of active users during (and after) each monthly billing period.

An active recurring meeting is a non-archived series that contains more than one meeting – whether those meetings are on an ad-hoc or scheduled recurrence.

A workspace on the Basic plan is limited to 5 active recurring meetings at any one time, and a workspace on the Plus plan can have unlimited recurring meetings.

A meeting that is archived is considered inactive, however its content is still accessible via specific filters.

Your plan can be downgraded provided you have no more than 5 active recurring meetings. To achieve this, you may need to archive some of your active recurring meetings.

Your monthly billing cycle commences from the moment your workspace is upgraded to Plus. You will be invoiced and charged monthly from this moment, each month in arrears – i.e. after a month has finished and we have determined who your active members were during that preceding month, you will be invoiced and your payment method charged immediately.

If your plan is downgraded to Basic during a monthly billing cycle, you will be charged for the members that have been active in your workspace up until the moment of downgrade.

We accept payment by all major credit cards. As a workspace owner, you are required to enter your credit card details when upgrading the workspace to Plus.

We do not store any credit card details. MinuteMe partners with Stripe to provide invoicing and payment processing.