Empower your team to lean in

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Five team members seated at a table in discussion with four team members pictured on a computer monitor

Did you know that 20% of meeting attendees will speak 80% of the time during a meeting?

And with today’s online meetings, it is much harder to interrupt to add your contribution due to how online meeting technology works.

Here are some questions to consider to overcome these challenges and empower your team to lean in.

  1. If you are brain storming, how do you ensure all attendees can contribute and ensure you are inclusive?

  2. How do you ensure the quieter voices have an opportunity to participate?

  3. How do you advocate for all in your team to ensure they participate?

To ensure maximum participant contribution, assign each attendee an agenda topic that empowers them to contribute, create meetings that enable live interaction and assign powerful action items that provide transparency, accountability and ownership for all meeting attendees.

Achieve all this with MinuteMe, empowering your team so they can lean in.