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Revolutionising the future of meetings: MinuteMe helps save over 16 hours a month

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Are you constantly finding yourself bogged down by inefficient and time-consuming meetings? You're not alone. Professionals globally share this frustration, particularly when it comes to meeting preparation and administration. Now, the solution is at hand: MinuteMe. Born in Australia, MinuteMe is the world's first purpose-built recurring meeting management software that is shaking up meeting management, offering a lifeline for common meeting pain points and promising substantial time and cost savings.

Established with a vision to transform the way meetings are conducted, MinuteMe injects efficiency and clarity into meetings by assigning a distinct purpose and accountability for each one. It features a suite of user-friendly tools, including agenda creation, note-taking, distribution of post-meeting notes, setting of recurring meetings, and allocation of roles and responsibilities for agenda and action items. By offering a single source of truth, MinuteMe ensures that all participants have equal access to relevant information, fostering an environment for more effective and productive meetings.

Born in 2017, MinuteMe came about with the intention to alleviate the unnecessary time and effort spent on administrative tasks before and after meetings. The platform's success is backed by numbers, with users saving a whopping 16 hours per month on meeting-related tasks. In financial terms, this translates to a saving of $700 from a single weekly meeting involving 10 attendees. In the broader scheme of things, an extra 192 hours can be reallocated to revenue-generating activities each year, giving employees the freedom to concentrate on tasks of higher importance.

Simon Steele, CEO and Co-founder of MinuteMe highlighted a common issue: walking into meetings without a clear agenda or knowledge of follow-up actions, leading to squandered time. MinuteMe offers a solid solution to these pain points, equipping users with a clear view of the meeting agenda, discussion topics, and historical notes. Steele notes, “Time is our most precious resource. We all deserve meetings where everyone arrives well-prepared and has significant updates to contribute.

Many organisations have already reaped the rewards of MinuteMe. Global CEO of Settify, Paul Psaltis, reported that prior to MinuteMe, his team took separate notes, creating confusion about task ownership. MinuteMe's incorporation into their process has led to enhanced role clarity and improved task management, thereby boosting productivity. Fiona Dorman, National Vice President of the National Council of Women Australia and Co-Founder of South Australian Women’s Fund endorsed MinuteMe for its facilitation of referencing past meeting notes, agenda setting, and enabling deeper, more constructive discussions.

MinuteMe operates on a freemium model, providing a Basic plan for free and an enhanced Plus plan as meeting demands increase. It also offers a mobile-friendly interface, making it a breeze for users to add agenda items, update tasks, and undertake pre-reads on mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. With seamless integration capabilities with Google and Microsoft 365 calendar and task applications, users can set up and start using MinuteMe in a jiffy.

Nestled in “Stone & Chalk”, a hotbed for emerging technology innovation, MinuteMe taps into world-class expertise, networks, capital, and infrastructure, thereby driving tech innovation for a positive societal impact. This exposure allows MinuteMe to evolve continuously, providing solutions to well-documented issues in meeting management. By minimising administrative tasks, enhancing meeting quality, and fostering accountability, MinuteMe gifts back precious time to its users to excel in what they do best.

In conclusion, MinuteMe is leading a paradigm shift in our approach to meetings, providing a viable solution to universal meeting challenges and improving efficiency and accountability. With its unique features and intuitive interface, MinuteMe is the ultimate tool for professionals across all sectors and ambitious startups. Thanks to MinuteMe, inefficient meetings no longer have to be a hurdle to productivity and growth.

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