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Smokeball Integration

Smokeball and MinuteMe have teamed together to improve the administration of law firm client Matter meetings. MinuteMe provides a solution to manage meetings in a more productive and effortless way, supporting lawyers to keep on top of their workload and reduce stress.
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Sync with your calendar or create the meeting in MinuteMe

Link up client matters and internal meetings in MinuteMe easily by syncing with your Outlook 365 or Google Calendar. Alternatively, create the meeting in MinuteMe and easily link the matter via a simple drop-down menu selection.

You can add the ‘other side’ or other external parties to the meeting as attendees without providing them access to MinuteMe but still allowing them to receive the agenda, minutes and actions via email.


A reusable agenda template, create ad-hoc or even on the fly!

With a reusable agenda template, MinuteMe can save you time by automatically setting the agenda topics, helping you be prepared ahead of time and ensuring you ask all the right questions.

The agenda can be emailed from MinuteMe to your selected attendees and can be attached to the matter in Smokeball automatically.

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Take minutes/notes of your meeting and agree next steps

Start all your meetings with an Action Item Review to follow up on actions from your previous meeting.

Take notes as you step through agenda topics capturing the conversation and creating actions ‘in line’ with your minutes for context. If you need to refer to information in Smokeball, you can open the linked Smokeball matter from within MinuteMe. For internal meetings where multiple matters may be discussed, you can link a topic with a matter so the conversation notes are transferred as a memo in Smokeball.

Any new actions are immediately transferred to your Smokeball client matter as tasks.


Meeting minutes and actions

Once the meeting has ended the minutes can be emailed from MinuteMe and can be attached to the matter in Smokeball automatically.

Don’t want to send sensitive Minutes via email? Send the attendees a link to MinuteMe and have them log in to MinuteMe to access the Minutes.

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Confidence that when you update actions in one system they update in the other

Any tasks updated in Smokeball automatically update the linked action item in MinuteMe and vice versa.

Frequently asked questions

A Workspace is a grouping of your firm’s client matter meetings as well as your firm internal administrative and management meetings. One user in your firm creates the Workspace and links MinuteMe to Smokeball. They can then invite others in the firm to the Workspace.

No, if your client is a ‘Guest’ in your firm’s Workspace there is no charge.

No, a client is only permitted to access meetings they are given access to.

Yes. All data is securely hosted with Amazon Web Services in Sydney, Australia. The MinuteMe Privacy Policy and Terms of Use provides details of how we protect data.

MinuteMe receives real-time updates from Smokeball.

Yes, if the task is updated or closed in Smokeball this status will be transferred to MinuteMe.

Yes, your firm’s logo can be added to your Workspace which will display on all agenda and minutes email correspondence.

Yes, MinuteMe is licensed separately. You get five free recurring meetings at which point you must upgrade to the Plus Plan.

Powering your meeting life cycle

MinuteMe is a powerful tool that helps you manage your meetings better.

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